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Publishers & Dealers

Books, newspapers and magazines become interactive offering a unique experience for the reader


Marketing Agency

Advertising campaigns, events, merchandising & brand identity, endless innovative solutions in AR


Print & Packaging

Invitations, Posters, Catalogs, everything printed comes to life with interactive content

Moreglobe | Sporting Vibes Project

How the MoreGlobe platform works


3. Pubblica in Realtà Aumentata

Goditi l'esperienza in AR, condividi i tuoi contenuti e rendili disponibili sull'app MoreGlobe


2. Gestisci i progetti con MoreGlobe Studio

Crea progetti e campagne dedicate per i tuoi contenuti interattivi, gestisci le scene in Realtà Aumentata


1. Crea ed inserisci contenuti 3D

Crea i tuoi contenuti, inserisci il formato (Video, Audio, 3D) che intendi riprodurre in AR


1. Create and insert 3D content

Create your content, enter the format (Video, Audio, 3D) you want to play in Augmented Reality on the platform


2. Manage projects with MoreGlobe Studio

Create projects and campaigns for your interactive content, manage your scenes in Augmented Reality


3. Publish in Augmented Reality

Enjoy the AR experience, share your content and make it available on the MoreGlobe app

Ready to increase reality with MoreGlobe?

MoreGlobe Mobile

Once the upload is complete, the contents are immediately visible through the MoreGlobe app: just frame the marker with your smartphone! Our CMS also offers the ability to monitor the display of content through a special and comprehensive Analytics section. MoreGlobe is the platform for Augmented Reality available for free for new generation devices with Android and IOS system.

MoreGlobe AR Studio

Access the Augmented Reality platform, you can start uploading your content right away: using Augmented Reality has never been so easy! MoreGlobe Studio is the software that allows each user to manage their own content, you can customize the size of the markers according to your needs and upload custom content through different options and preferences, all in total autonomy.

Make your ideas fly with MoreGlobe



More than double the media engagement through augmented reality experience



Improves recall, brand communication is 3 times better than classic media



Consumers are confident that Augmented Reality improves the shopping experience

+3 billion


There are over 3.5 billion networked smartphones capable of delivering the AR experience

Ready to have a wonderful experience?

Download Moreglobe now, the free Augmented Reality app with which to enjoy unique experiences!

Currently available on App Store and Google Play


MoreGlobe is the system that leverages artificial intelligence to allow everyone to use augmented reality without limits!


Augmented reality is a technology without borders, you just need the right ideas to apply to interactive content to deliver memorable experiences


Our app is immediate, just a few moments to download and enjoy content in augmented reality.


Equipped with patented algorithm, the system allows in a unique way, to live memorable experiences in Augmented Reality!

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