Da Zero a 46 – The story of Valentino rossi in Augmented Reality

Da Zero a 46 is the first interactive collector’s album in Augmented Reality dedicated to the  victories of “The Doctor” 

Lovers of the world of two wheels, the new editorial collection, marked Creatiwa Studio, entirely dedicated to the champion of Tavullia, Valentino Rossi, is finally available!

The collection, the result of six months of work by the MoreGlobe and Creatiwa Studio team, is a perfect mix of originality and innovation. An excellent quality sticker album, able to entertain and excite the collector and fan of Valentino.

An unmissable must-have, a product with which fans can retrace, step by step, the years of the Tavullia rider’s glorious career, first through a classic experience – but one that recalls memories and emotions by unpacking the cards one by one and applying them to the album – and then through the Augmented Reality experience, possible thanks to the patented technology of the MoreGlobe® platform, which has been a great success and appreciated by fans, the press, insiders and even Valentino Rossi himself. 

The novelty of the collection consists in the introduction, for the first time, of collectible 3D models within an editorial product, which can be viewed through the use of the MoreGlobe application: the high-fidelity 3D models of the nine winning bikes, which can be included in the collection, can be recalled by framing the cards marked with the special Augmented Reality logo. 

A unique feature of the collection is the chapter dedicated to overtaking. For the first time in a collection, there are interactive overtaking stickers so you can relive the emotions that made Valentino Rossi the champion who entered motorcycling history.

– 165 Maxi Figurines of the edition

– 50 augmented reality contents


To learn more and to buy the interactive album of Valentino Rossi visit the official website www.dazeroa46.it



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