Sentimiento Rojiblanco – The interactive historical album dedicated to the Club Atlético de Madrid


An interactive collector’s album to celebrate the history of a club and the passion of a city with its team destined to touch the heart!
Decades of history are told through hundreds of unmissable stickers. From the team’s beginnings to the unforgettable matches of recent years. In between, there are thousands of stories: the victories, the defeats, the fans, the tifos, the emotions in the stadium, the men who have made the club great on and off the pitch. The album is born from the heart of a fan and is destined to touch the hearts of the supporters, because they are the true soul of football.

More than 150 cards in Augmented Reality, from interviews and highlights of the most beautiful matches to fans’ tifos and the best goals with a fantastic 3D reproduction of the stadiums, jerseys and shields.

To learn more and to buy the interactive album of Atletico Madrid visit the official website

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