AR technology as a universal tool

Different fields in which Augmented Reality can be applied

Augmented reality is a technology that converts a real environment into a digital interface, this is not a new technology, in fact, it was first developed in 1968 at Harvard University but even though it is not a novelty, it has started to become popular among all types of users, we are an example of this, MoreGlobe is the first platform that makes this technology accessible and at hand for all its users because the application was developed to be user friendly so that even people who are less familiar with this type of technology can learn to use it easily and quickly. But have you ever wondered: In which fields can augmented reality work? In this article we are going to see some of the uses and advantages that augmented reality applications can have in different fields.

  • Education: Augmented reality (AR) technology can offer different possibilities in the educational field, for example, in subjects such as basic astronomy could offer interactive maps of the solar system; or in biology interactive images of the human body that could be very useful when training our young generations and that surely would make an important subject but that for some is “boring” to be an exciting and dynamic adventure.
  • Tourism: Augmented reality applications could be a great opportunity for companies involved in tourism since the development of this technology could make the touristic tour of a city much simpler for tourists who decide to visit it.
  • Entertainment and Collectionism: In this area probably the most famous applications of augmented reality have been developed, famous is the case of Pokemon Go for example, but another for which could also be used for both is in the art of collecting albums or cards. We at MoreGlobe are particularly proud to have developed interactive albums in the world of soccer of teams like Atletico Madrid or Salernitana not to mention in the world of motorcycling where we had the opportunity to create the interactive album of the great “Dottore” Valentino Rossi. But the possibilities of creating this type of content in the world of entertainment are endless and in fact many big brands and companies have started to move in this direction to promote their products and services with the help of Augmented Reality.
  • Design: It is not difficult to imagine how this technology could be adapted to the world of interior design or even architecture, imagine being an architect and having this application at hand to facilitate their work and see things that in the simple plan designed with pencil could not see because with this technology would allow you to see the superposition of virtual and informative 3D models of infrastructure … in short, it is a great opportunity that surely no major architecture or design company will want to miss.
  • Medicine: Imagine the possibility of evaluating the performance of complex surgeries without any risk for the patient … paradise for any medical surgeon. This would undoubtedly be a great step forward for health care in the world.

These and many more fields are the target for this technology is undoubtedly the future, and we at MoreGlobe know it well, so we are always in continuous search and innovation to provide our users and those who choose us the best experience for their business or activities.

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