MoreGlobe’s “Video” tool

More Globe offers numerous tools that will enable you to enrich your brand. The king of the tools MoreGlobe provides you with is definitely the video experience. By video experience we mean nothing more than a video, whether taken from your brand’s social channels or uploaded in .mp4 format, that you can attach to any marker in your project. In fact, MoreGlobe allows you to make any image interactive quickly and intuitively by linking video footage directly to photos on any printed media, technically linking a specific marker to a specific video.

Our interactive albums: Sentimiento Rojiblanco and Da Zero a 46

MoreGlobe also allows you to enjoy the video experience in different modes: the “integrated mode” that amazes the user with its realism and additional information as the video magically replaces the photo; the “mask mode” with different shapes applied to the photo frame to allow for customised video effects, or linked to the brand silhouette; the easily selectable “TV mode” that offers the sensation that the film is floating in space while leaving the reference photo visible. Each film can be uploaded, as already mentioned, in different formats and with great simplicity, as MoreGlobe manages, with just a few clicks, to make any photo interactive, offering multiple options and customisation tools: it is indeed possible to upload a film in mp4 format but also directly from a link present on the net or on social networks, simply enter the url in the control panel and enjoy the augmented reality of MoreGlobe.

MoreGlobe thus immerses the consumer in new and innovative visions of the product or service, expanding information through videos that can be played in different formats from the smartphone, even through the enjoyment of 3D models combining solutions to amaze the user. All this is simply MoreGlobe!

If you want to learn more about how Augmented Reality technology works, you can read this interesting article that explains well each of its elements:

How Does Augmented Reality Work? (

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