MoreGlobe’s 3D Models!

Have you ever thought of showing a 3D preview of your product to your trusted customer? Well, from today with MoreGlobe you can! Through the insertion of complex three-dimensional models, MoreGlobe enhances perceived value by elevating the sensory experience. Through the added sensations experienced by the consumer as the 3D models are visualized, which remain in his mind, it confers an additional quality to any good or service.

With MoreGlobe it is possible, in fact, to integrate three-dimensional experiences of the Brand, significantly improving brand recall, by up to 300%, compared to classic media. It is possible to insert the Brand, in a three-dimensional version, with animated effects that amaze the user during the pre-roll loading of an Augmented Reality movie.

The best example we can offer you are the different interactive AR projects elaborated thanks to our app like the Atletico de Madrid’s historical album, Sentimiento Rojiblanco, or the one of the Italian MotoGP rider, Valentino Rossi.

Using the platform, all 3D models connected to the brand can be customized. It is possible to display a 3D model in two ways: In the “3D on Marker” mode, a 3D model is displayed along with an image on a printed medium, including animation of its appearance. With the “3D Spatial” mode, a 3D model can be viewed in space by the user and positioned freely in the surrounding environment, allowing the subject to be resized at will until the desired outcome is achieved. A user can then save and share their experience by photographing it This and more is MoreGlobe!

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Creating immersive 3D content for augmented reality (

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