The new advantage: THE AR

Augmented reality (AR) being a technology that has begun to develop more intensely in recent years has collected a lot of skeptics are nothing more than people who doubt the eventual impact it can have (and is having) in almost all kinds of fields.

Many say that it is very expensive, and this may be a reality since in many cases it requires sophisticated and specialized equipment that usually have a very high price, however, this is not true in its entirety and we ourselves at MoreGlobe are an example that it is not so expensive. Products made in the past thanks to our platform, such as the different albums and interactive stickers are not, and even taking our services to another operational field, such as creating augmented reality family portrait holders, wouldn’t be either.

Some others say that it could represent confidentiality problems since the collection of significant user data could generate legal problems to the brands that use it, however we at MoreGlobe have with total security the data of our users and companies that use our services, since through our app that is equipped with a patented algorithm recognizes and retrieves the data and information of the brands that collaborate with us and that gave us license to handle certain types of content that are linked to them, so this risk with us does not exist. With us you are safe and protected, we take care of you giving you the best quality in augmented reality technology that you need…

So don’t worry, we keep It simple for you…

If you are interested in how AR technology can benefit different areas, here is a very well done article on the subject:

6 Strategic Benefits Of Augmented Reality For Businesses in 2022 (

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