What about a menu in AR?

As we have already discussed in this section, augmented reality technology has served and can serve for much more than video games. We are in full era of technological revolution and certainly some can not overlook the impact that this technology can have in many fields, in this case we propose the restoration sector in which it has been a major revolution in the gastronomic world of restaurants.

The information that can be offered with this technology does not have to be limited to the local, the customer could visit the menu or menu from anywhere simply by scanning the logo of the restaurant, or a physical advertising or the same logo on our website, or the food you can order from a room service.

You could also have the possibility to turn the restaurant into an interactive place where you can consult the menu, see recipes, see information about the different ingredients you use to prepare your dishes, etc… great isn’t it? Remember that the customer likes to feel special, and modernity, which would be made available to them, fulfills this desire, it would attract their attention, as augmented reality is a very useful and easy to use tool, to obtain the necessary information before deciding to consume the product.

Augmented reality brings a touch of class to the classic restaurant concept, or rather, it brings a breath of fresh air to this traditional concept, which would certainly not make it lose its roots, but rather rejuvenate them, making it more appetizing, especially for the younger generations. This would surely improve the image of any restaurant.

We are sure that in the near future, augmented reality applications in restaurants will become more and more common, as it happened with the QR code technology, in fact now you can notice that almost all restaurants have it. Thanks to the MoreGlobe application, all of this can be possible. From scanning the menu in the dining room to observe, for example, 3D reproductions of the dishes, as well as explanatory videos about their preparation, and much more… after all, with MoreGlobe, imagination is the limit!

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