Learning with AR

Augmented Reality (AR) is characterized by being a different cognitive process nowadays, but with it you can learn in a simple way, if used correctly by the teacher in charge, to create more dynamism during the lesson. Although its implementation is very recent within the educational system, many studies prove the positive effects that Augmented Reality technology can bring to learning.

This study points out the motivational effects and improvements in student performance (at different educational levels) when this technology has been properly used.

Augmented Reality allows students to choose the content to work on, increasing their autonomy in learning, while at the same time increasing the feeling of competence when accomplishing tasks with this technology. Nowadays, the use of Augmented Reality technology is closer than ever.

A few years ago it was not possible to imagine that a technology of this caliber could be developed in a way that its usability is very simple, even for minors or young students without any experience in the field and MoreGlobe is an example of this since its usability can be described as User-Friendly. Actually, It may sound a bit crazy, but our latest project, the Atletico de Madrid historical and interactive album, Sentimiento Rojiblanco, may be a good example of how young minds can more easily absorb the history of their favorite soccer club through the interactivity of these, offered thanks to Augmented Reality technology

This technology in this way as presented by MoreGlobe can solve the digital divide with students, which through this application to even create their own content and learn can be motivating factors that provide meaningful learning. Therefore, the use of this type of resources should have a simple usability in the classroom, so that both the teacher and the students have a positive experience.

The case study:

Engaging computer engineering students with an augmented reality software for laboratory exercises | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE Xplore

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