AR technology applied in tourism

AR technology has revolutionized many industries by helping them to optimize their sales and production, so many have chosen it as a key tool to achieve the same in their own business. In this article we will talk about how this technology has influenced the tourism sector.

The information AR Technology can provide us withtoday, it could, for example, tell us where we can find a vegan restaurant, the price of admission to a museum, the century of construction of a church accompanied by videos and 3D models of what you want to frame.

In this way, this technology can reinforce advertising for the tourism sector as it could exponentially increase visits to these sites. It can offer the possibility of virtual tours that are superimposed in real time on our reality, providing layers of information that give added value to the trip we want to make, the possibilities are endless!

Imagine that we are at a viewpoint on a mountain, augmented reality using it in this area, maybe framing a table of information present there with our app MoreGlobe, we could provide valuable information, such as telling us how far away is the island you see on the horizon or if the volcano on the right erupted 100 years ago.

In a museum: We are visiting an archaeological museum and see the skeletal remains of an animal. With the help of augmented reality, we open MoreGlobe, frame it with our cell phone, and you will live an experience never seen before in a museum. It would be an additional value as it will expand the didactic and audiovisual information with an animated video or a 3D model simply framing those bones giving us important information about that animal, where was its habitat, how it fed, how it looked physically, natural predators, etc…

Or that we are in an art museum, we see a beautiful painting but we can not get so close because there are many people. Thanks to the augmented reality technology applied in this museum, we could simply using our cell phone with the MoreGlobe application, frame that old painting and be immersed in valuable information, illustrative videos and 3D models of the painting, its author, and different other curious facts about this and its different works of art.

If you are interested in knowing more about how AR technology is changing the world of tourism, you can read more in this article that we have retained very complete!

Augmented reality and tourism: the new travel experience – Onirix

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