AR Tech in Medicine

Augmented Reality applied to the medical field

Augmented reality and its applications, such as MoreGlobe, allow professionals in many fields to learn and visualize in new ways. Since November 5 was the national day in Italy for cancer research, we decided to dedicate this article to the use of this technology in one of these sectors and probably the most relevant, the medical field.

Applied and adapted to the medical field, MoreGlobe’s augmented reality technology could help to save lives as it becomes more prevalent in modern medicine. As a result, patients would be able to visualize the internal parts of their body in real time by projecting them as 3D images filled with real elements, which would make them easier to visualize and analyze.

Anatomy, for instance, or in the surgical field, could benefit greatly since it would be possible to see, for example, the different organs that would be treated in detail, enabling a better diagnosis, as well as a better understanding of the surgical field with a much higher level of precision.

Nowadays, as it is well known, augmented reality and the applications that make use of it, such as MoreGlobe, could be adapted to almost any field, including medicine. This is because it could generate new possibilities for the interpretation of data. This could open new ways to learn and recognize data, process them into information and easily convert them into knowledge.

This is very useful to promote, facilitate and improve the training of future doctors. If you want to learn more about the many uses of augmented reality technology, you can take a look at this article also very complete:

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