AR effect on Marketing

The impact of AR technology in Marketing

Augmented reality can be useful to provide value to many sectors, from the oldest to the newest. In marketing, it can be a very useful tool, and here we will explain how to use it. The best example we can give you is MoreGlobe with the creation of interactive collectible albums. Where we decided to combine the classic (The Album) with the innovation of Augmented Reality, and it worked very well.

Here are some examples of what AR technology can offer in your marketing activity:

  • Optimize customer experience: Through Augmented Reality, your marketing strategy can bring an unforgettable, unique, and highly engaging experience to your customers. For example, the Sentimiento Rojiblanco album of Atletico de Madrid gives fans and collectors a unique experience because it is something innovative in the field of collecting.

Another example of this is also virtual try-on is a trend that makes it possible for consumers to have a more personalized and realistic shopping experience, even when shopping online. This trend is based on using augmented reality and a front-facing camera, allowing shoppers to virtually try on products, from eyewear and hats to cosmetics.

  • Increases engagement: You can increase user engagement using augmented reality by leveraging the interactive nature of augmented reality marketing which keeps users coming back for more. There is IKEA place, for example, which allows users to see and use the product before purchasing it.
  • Increases retention rates: The retention rate, which is a very important metric that tells you the percentage of users who continue to use your services in a given a time period. The interactivity factor that Augmented Reality offers in marketing can retain users longer on your networks and apps, which is useful for increasing brand awareness.
  • Personalization: With affidable data, marketers and mobile marketers can offer a personalized experience to their customers through Augmented Reality. This would have a huge impact on the performance of advertising campaigns for that product.
  • Brand recognition and user loyalty: AR technology can be compatible with social media, which can provide recognition that in turn also creates brand loyalty because you show that you have a product or service with much more quality compared to your competition.

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