AR in the construction industry

Although the construction industry is one of the oldest and most important sectors in the world, new working tools may attract some skepticism within it. However, innovation is a critical asset in the construction industry and augmented reality could undoubtedly be a valuable tool that will take this sector into the future and further develop it. Augmented reality technology within the construction industry could combine digital elements, sounds and sensory stimulations, all of which help to present data in real time that would aid for example in the planning and presentation of projects, showing details and information that would facilitate the understanding of these.

In addition, augmented reality would improve the problem-solving phase by identifying and correcting problems at an early stage without the need for all team members to be physically present. Thanks to MoreGlobe these advances in the construction industry can be realized and with great ease. From the complete customization of the brand card that allows you to insert different information that can enrich the prestige of the brand to more complex activities such as the visualization of plans that with the 3D functions and videos, allows the user to see both the exterior and interior view of the plan that is being framed, in this way the printed image of the plan can be transformed into an interactive image that can be very effective. With MoreGlobe you could build a new construction industry…

If you would like to read more about today’s uses of AR technology in the construction sector, you can read more in this article which is very complete!

The Power of Augmented Reality (AR) in Construction – Digital Builder (

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