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A new way of understanding reality with MoreGlobe!

MoreGlobe The first platform to make augmented reality available to everyone is a system that combines the real and virtual worlds. The More Globe Platform is a combination of “Online Software” and “Mobile App” More Globe Studio. With More Globe Studio, anyone can create Augmented Reality projects without having any computer skills. MoreGlobe uses audiovisual material and 3D models in its video tool, which is easy to use and doesn’t require extensive knowledge.

With complete and autonomously managed tools, options, and preferences, users can choose their own interactive projects. The More Globe app is free and downloadable from the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play. The user can select their language, and quickly log in via social profile or through data entry. In just a few moments, one enters the world of Augmented Reality. The application is easy to use. Just start scanning with the camera and search for interactive content marked with the MoreGlobe icon. It also allows any Brand to enter the world of Augmented Reality to amaze its customers.

It is possible to enter the brand and see it appear on the phone, creating complete and custom augmented reality projects. The application creates a package of information that can be easily recalled to deliver realistic and detailed visual performance. By framing a brand in the More Globe app, the system will recognize it and connect to it, making it possible for the user to recall augmented reality experiences connected to the brand installed on his smartphone.

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