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Imagine entering a parallel world where everything around you comes to life to give you a unique and memorable Augmented Reality experience.
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Result Focused

The MoreGlobe team brings together years of experience in digital marketing, and B2B software development. We are confident that the digital and virtual world is capable of transforming physical realities and making the world around us more engaging, interesting and fun!

What about us? We are a team focused on the future, on innovative technological solutions. The philosophy of work that we develop is strongly oriented to the quality of the result produced, the choice of content is the difference that sets us apart.


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About Us: i nostri valori


I creativi sono ritenuti le persone più fortunate sulla terra. Ci distinguiamo grazie l'immaginazione

Lavoro di Squadra

Intesa e motivazione per rendere coeso il gruppo nell'ideazione e sviluppo continuo di nuovi progetti


Motivati da una profonda passione lavorativa e dalla ricerca di soluzioni che rendano gratificante il risultato!


Lavoriamo per trovare sempre le soluzioni più adatte alle esigenze dei nostri partners


Un team giovane ma che ha acquisito importanti esperienze internazionali nel campo della Realtà Aumentata


Siamo ispirati dalle nuove tecnologie e da una visione del futuro fatta di innovazione e condivisione

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About Us: MoreGlobe Team

Giovanni Sapere

CEO Founder | Excutive Creative Director
Techno-philanthropist, innovator, editorial director. Transcends the ordinary on a daily basis. "Outside the box" guarantees original solutions. Always.

Letizia Giugliano

Digital account and content manager, her smile makes the whole team's days radiant. Attentive and dedicated professional.

Giovanni Cirillo

Legal Department
Preparation, expertise and experience. Leading the team in all legal aspects

Bruno Giugliano

Sales Assistant
His strong point is stubbornness, effective and concrete, he always reaches the expected result. He doesn't deny the expectations. A Swiss in the south of Italy.

Andrea Cantarella

Chief Technology Officer
Genius and experience at the head of technological development, innovation worker always attentive to the evolutions in the computer field. An excellence!

Juan Pablo Munera Sanchez

International Business Delegate & Executive CEO Assistant
Lively and Precious Language Expert. Thoughtful and hardworking professional who loves work challenges.

Ernesto Cenci

Technology Developer
Expert in coding and programming in continuous updating. He is the one who "translates" into code all the ideas and innovative ideas of MoreGlobe's patented technology platform. Talent in the blood.

Caterina Del Grosso

Content manager & Copywriter
The digital philosopher of the development team who, in order to dispel the image of the thinker with his head in the clouds, brilliantly weaves together IT and digital communication skills. Indispensable!

Alessandro Grimaldi

Sales & Marketing Manager
Commercial soul of the Team, professional and helpful manager, attentive to the evolutions of the market. Impressive resemblance to the protagonist of Avatar Sam Worthington. Experience to sell.

Silvia Colella

3d Graphic Designer & Videomaker
Young talent. Turns ideas into unique graphic creations. Visionary and result oriented. Creative and very effective in team work. Visual communication worker.

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