MoreGlobe® is the web based platform for the Augmented Reality.
Our own patented algorithm allows to easily upload videos, photos and audios to see in Augmented Reality through an app for your smartphone! Interactivity, autonomy, creativity: all of this is MoreGlobe®!

AR Print Out™, an innovative method for the fruition of editorial and advertising contents in Augmented Reality on printed products.
It is a real “interactive printing” solution that uses a proprietary algorithm to link printed pages to editorial and advertising contents in Augmented Reality.

hanks to this method, it is possible to add multimedia, multimediality and immersion into the editorial products, generating added value in cultural and promotional terms.

The system allows you to go directly from the printed page to a digital activity (to watch a video, to participate in a social media discussion, to make a reservation or purchase a product online) and provides for the integration of advertising content (linkable banners, video clips or images).

This method adds a new dimension to the reading process, inserts multimedia content where it did not exist before and it is a way to generate new “revenue streams”.