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How Augmented Reality has changed the television world Augmented reality can be used in many areas of television, such as story telling and image visualization. At More Globe, we recognize that this technology has applications in many fields, complementing each … Read More

Safer Driving with AR Technology

The use of augmented reality could improve driving. Augmented reality is a technology that is proving very useful in many fields such as medicine, training, and even vehicle repair. It is a system that digitally adds a series of additional … Read More

We explain you MoreGlobe

A new way of understanding reality with MoreGlobe! MoreGlobe The first platform to make augmented reality available to everyone is a system that combines the real and virtual worlds. The More Globe Platform is a combination of “Online Software” and … Read More

Sentimiento Rojiblanco – The interactive historical album dedicated to the Club Atlético de Madrid

Here is Sentimiento Rojiblanco, the first Atlético de Madrid historical and interactive sticker album full of moments and emotions. This is an album that allows you as a “colchonero” to transfer the red and white passion between generations. An exciting … Read More

AR effect on Marketing

The impact of AR technology in Marketing Augmented reality can be useful to provide value to many sectors, from the oldest to the newest. In marketing, it can be a very useful tool, and here we will explain how to … Read More

AR in the construction industry

Although the construction industry is one of the oldest and most important sectors in the world, new working tools may attract some skepticism within it. However, innovation is a critical asset in the construction industry and augmented reality could undoubtedly … Read More

AR Tech in Medicine

Augmented Reality applied to the medical field Augmented reality and its applications, such as MoreGlobe, allow professionals in many fields to learn and visualize in new ways. Since November 5 was the national day in Italy for cancer research, we … Read More

Learning with AR

Augmented Reality (AR) is characterized by being a different cognitive process nowadays, but with it you can learn in a simple way, if used correctly by the teacher in charge, to create more dynamism during the lesson. Although its implementation … Read More

AR technology applied in tourism

AR technology has revolutionized many industries by helping them to optimize their sales and production, so many have chosen it as a key tool to achieve the same in their own business. In this article we will talk about how … Read More

What about a menu in AR?

As we have already discussed in this section, augmented reality technology has served and can serve for much more than video games. We are in full era of technological revolution and certainly some can not overlook the impact that this … Read More