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More Globe is the first web based platform for Augmented Reality!

The system is based on an algorithm that we have developed and patented to make interactive the printed paper, packaging and all the “traditional” advertising material! Using MoreGlobe is very simple. Just download the app on your smartphone, directly from Apple Store and Play Store: the system accesses the camera, recognizes the marker and automatically starts the associated multimedia content. The smartphone comes to life with videos, three-dimensional models, infographics, tutorials or music tracks to be experienced in Augmented Reality. All contents are managed through an intuitive and easy to use CMS. It’s possible to customize the size of the marker, insert clickable links, upload content autonomously, search WP file downloads, get detailed reports on views and interactions. Interactivity, autonomy, creativity: all this is More Globe! Contact us to learn more! 

The MoreGlobe team brings together years of experience in digital marketing, and B2B software development. We are confident that the digital and virtual world can transform physical realities and make the world around us more engaging, interesting and fun! We are a team focused on the future, on innovative technological solutions. The philosophy of work that we develop is strongly oriented to the quality of the result produced, the choice of contents are the difference that sets us apart.