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Frequently Asked Questions

we have pre-filled the most frequently asked questions and answers.

MoreGlobe is a registered trademark of Creatiwa Studio S.r.l. a technology company specializing in Augmented Reality (AR) editorial marketing and software development. We provide access to a technology ecosystem dedicated to Augmented Reality with professional products and services to meet specific business needs.

We provide consulting services, our team is ready to accommodate requests and can custom create any Augmented Reality experience.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology of displaying digital content – videos, photos, 3D, links, games, etc. – over elements in the real world displayed through the lens of a smartphone, tablet or wearable device such as AR glasses.

Augmented reality offers concrete benefits to all brands. It can bring all your materials to life, from paper to packaging on any product or fabric. AR offers digital content and provides a totally innovative channel to communicate with customers. Consumers view products and extra content by augmenting their information.

Of course! Fill out the form on the “Work with us” page. If there is an opportunity in line with your profile, we will not hesitate to contact you!

MoreGlobe Studio is the software that allows the complete autonomous management of content (photos, video, audio, 3d) in Augmented Reality. The interface is intuitive and allows users to upload content usable from the MoreGlobe app.

the system allows you to manage Augmented Reality projects and adv campaigns by organizing content by brand and individual marker projects in a quick and intuitive way. Moreover, you can visualize and download the data of your campaigns and projects in Augmented Reality in an easy and intuitive way. In addition, you can enable the notification system, social sharing and insert un link personalizzato.

For all information about Business Solutions & Partners visit the MoreGlobe Studio page. For you 30 days of free trial!

If instead you are an SME or a Professional, we have designed the BASIC, STANDARD and ADVANCE plan which can be found on the PRICING page. 

Obviously! It is and will forever remain free. If you are an Android user download it from Google Play. Do you own an Apple device? Visit and download the App from the App Store.

All you have to do is download the App and frame with the camera a specific content made interactive with “Moreglobe” Augmented Reality. In this you can live the memorable experience of Augmented Reality! The MoreGlobe App is the bridge between the real world and a new visual dimension of Augmented Reality.

A system based on 2 patented algorithms: AR Print Out™ and AR Recognition™ Technology, the App is integrated with a powerful proprietary management CMS. Even the App gives you access to an important library of 3D content! In addition to allowing you to record photos and videos of the screen, you can even share content via social. And that’s not all: the App is built in such a way that you can interact with objects and videos to access links to dedicated ecommerce sites.

If you don’t want to be present with your brand on Our App, we can support you in designing and building a fully customized Augmented Reality App for your brand. Request a quote for your custom app by clicking here: START TRIAL

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