Ar Studio

Everything you need for Augmented Reality

MoreGlobe Studio is the software that allows the complete management of Augmented Reality content.

Intuitive interface

MoreGlobe Studio is designed to be easy to use thanks to a convenient graphical interface.

Immediate Result

Our management system allows each user to upload content in a few simple steps

All in one App

Upload real-time content to the Moreglobe app and enjoy amazing AR experiences

Access statistics with a single click

MoreGlobe studio offers a complete overview of Insights and analytics about the habits of online users.

Project management and adv campaigns

The system provides for the creation of planned projects by organizing content by brand and by groups of markers in a quick and intuitive way

Real-time statistics

Visualize the data of your campaigns and projects. Check the progress and performance of your markers in augmented reality

Marker Tracking

Every augmented reality project, and every data packet is monitored to provide access and visualization in AR

Content creation and submission to the MoreGlobe App

100% user-customizable experiences that increase brand awareness and the chances that the user will remember a particular product or brand.

Shareable content on all major social networks

Insights and analytics with projects in AR verifies user experiences

Content management and organization in projects and groups

Possibility of product insertion linkable to online stores

Immediately visible content: just frame the marker

Powerful notification system for content updates

AR STUDIO usage plans

Single Plan Project

€ 150,00

Single Project
- 33% Annual Plan € 1200,00

Multi-Project Plan

€ 1500,00

Month Plan
- 33% Annual Plan € 12000,00

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