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Our goal

MoreGlobe Augmented Reality for everyone!

Our goal is to make augmented reality technology accessible, practical and functional to generate added value to services and products both online and offline. This allows you to go directly from a printed page to a video and a 3D, or even, participate in a discussion on social media, make a reservation or a purchase directly in AR. Discover our custom pricing

Key features included in each pricing plan

All subscription plans on offer are subject to expiration, the price list will change in price when promotions end.

The Marker

The Marker is the virtual reference element that the MoreGlobe system is called to recognize, basically the image linked to the content.

Multimedia content

The system provides a management based on the number of views (frames) generated by the content, the duration has variable limitations based on the solution selected

Web AR

The platform provides continuous interactions with the network, with social networks, and with custom websites. The system also provides the ability to connect in addition to a generic link, a web page

CMS - MoreGlobe Studio

The CMS (Content Management System) is the tool that allows the autonomous management of content in augmented reality is articulated on several levels with all the content used by the APP

MoreGlobe Start

Pricing for Small and Medium Enterprises and Professionals

MoreGlobe Basic

€ 14,90

monthly plan
€ 149,00 yearly

MoreGlobe Standard

€ 34,90

monthly plan
€ 389,00 yearly

MoreGlobe Advance


monthly plan
€ 649,00 yearly

MoreGlobe Professional

Pricing Solutions for Business and Partners

MoreGlobe Premium

€ 150,00

Piano Mensile
- 33% Piano Annuale € 1200,00

MoreGlobe Reseller

€ 1500,00

Piano Mensile
- 33% Piano Annuale € 12000,00

MoreGlobe Partners


Business in Realtà Aumentata
Piano Annuale

Single Plan Project

€ 150,00

Single Project
- 33% Annual Plan € 1200,00

Multi-Project Plan

€ 1500,00

Month Plan
- 33% Annual Plan € 12000,00

MoreGlobe Partners


Business in Augmented Reality
Annual Plan

What our plans include

Statistics Dashboard

MoreGlobe studio offers a complete overview of Insights and analytics about the habits of online users.

Personal Dashboard

With the MoreGlobe Partner plan, you have access to AR studios where you can manage your content independently.

Free updates

The platform and our app are regularly subject to continuous implementations and updates

Media kit

Material to support communication of the AR service offered with demos and simulations

Video Support

We have service to support any need for video production of interactive content

Help Center

Our customer service is ready to solve and support any of your needs

Trusted by

Our goal is to create culture and we do it by innovating, through the right combination of content applied to new technologies making them available to everyone.

Giovanni Sapere
CEO Founder | Excutive Creative Director

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