Augmented Reality

Let's build new worlds! More Globe is the first web based platform for Augmented Reality. The system is based on an algorithm that we have developed and patented to render the printed paper, packaging and all traditional advertising material interactive. From business cards to brochures, from event totems to billboards, from labels to editorial products such as books and collectible albums: you can upload videos, three-dimensional contents, graphics, animations or links to access websites. Interactivity, technology, creativity: all of this is More Globe!

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Using MoreGlobe is very simple. Just download the app on your smartphone, directly from the Android Play Store and APP Store, and you can quickly register via login or Facebook. Once logged into Moreglobe, the ArPrintOut system accesses the camera, recognizes the marker (the image associated with the multimedia content) and automatically starts the video. The smartphone comes to life with three-dimensional models, infographics, tutorials or music tracks to experience in Augmented Reality.


The advantages of Augmented Reality

  • The AR increases all the information around us (e.g. graphic materials for printing, all editorial formats such as magazines, newspapers, brochures, etc.).


  • The AR allows to make interactive all the print formats 
    The AR allows you to offer a sensational interactive experience


  • AR increases the perceived value of goods and services


  • The AR becomes a formidable commercial lever for the company AR is an added value for digital- oriented companies. 



The CMS (Content Management System) is the tool that allows the autonomous management of augmented reality content by the Reseller. The CMS is articulated on several levels with all the contents used by the APP (images to be recognized, links to websites – videos – dedicated pages) that are activated to the image recognition. The CMS MoreGlobe is designed to allow easy use thanks to a convenient and intuitive graphical interface, its use is possible from any browser and is in responsive mode, i.e. it can also be used from mobile, so in addition to PC also from tablet and smartphone, just enter your credentials to access the control panel.


All contents are managed through an intuitive and easy to use CMS.


It is possible to insert specific measures for every need: a t-shirt, a cup or a keychain can become a marker for photos, videos and audio tracks.


Our system offers detailed reports on visualizations and interactions

The MoreGlobe platform and app are based on a patented proprietary algorithm. The system recognizes the editorial formats regulated by the international standard ISO 216 thanks to a framework for face and image recognition. This technological solution allows the insertion and enjoyment of multimedia content (videos, audio files, three-dimensional simulations) on editorial products (newspapers, magazines, labels, flyers and print formats) as well as the integration of advertising contents in Augmented Reality accessible through an app for smartphones, tablets, PCs or smart glasses.

All contents are managed through an online CMS that allows you to personalize the size of the markers and associate to each one an audio and/or video content. The whole process is controlled by a monitoring system that allows you to modify the parameters and obtain live reports on the various features. The system also allows you to manually set the size and format of the markers to associate contents to be experienced in Augmented Reality.

The innovative element of the system also consists in the possibility to personalize the measures of the markers (instead of choosing between preset markers) and have no limits in the amount of contents that can be inserted. This makes it easier to upload contents and promotes the diffusion and use of Augmented Reality.


A Software Development Kit, or SDK, is a package of tools and information that makes it possible and facilitates the programming of software in a specific programming language.

A standard component included in almost all Software Development Kits is the API, which allows you to integrate new software projects at the source code level. You can compare them to the bag of tools you find in the box when you buy a piece of furniture to assemble: it has everything you need to get the job done!

Our SDK allows you to create Augmented Reality applications customized according to the specific needs of your partners: you can add new features and develop very complex projects!

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